Amnesty, TX

A Narrative Feature Film

 Evey is an opinionated college student with a firm and active ideology.  When she and her family are affected by a brutal murder she faces a challenge to her stalwart position on capital punishment.  Amidst her struggle to find peace beyond her grief, understanding within violence and entropy, she flounders between revenge and forgiveness.

Evey Madison is a typical college student – opinionated, outspoken and keen for the next kegger, until…a phone call grinds the party to a halt.

As Evey’s life of kegstands and poli-sci wildly transforms into funerals, murder trials and debate newly charged with emotion, as her brother’s murderer faces execution, she must investigate her own beliefs and interrogate her own position on Capital Punishment amidst the chaos and grief and determine her own approach to justice, even forgiveness under her own terms.

 “I went to Texas to meet the man that murdered Will.

I hate Texas.”



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