Film Makers

The industry of Independent Filmmaking can be expansive and riddled with hurdles and unforeseen pitfalls.  We have not known of a successful independent filmmaker who has not hit his share of walls.

The team at One Pair of Shoes and our Associates lend our experience to developing filmmakers to help them navigate this difficult yet poetic landscape.

For Directors, we offer assistance in the development of ideas and their execution.  We have been especially helpful coaching directors on how to work with actors to elicit the phenomenal performances that will be worthy of the rich stories that you set out to tell.

For Producers – independent filmmaking is changing rapidly – not just the technologies that support video capture and editing, but the ways in which we promote and distribute our films.  Your knowledge of and approach to this changing medium can be the difference between the film you dreamed of and the next great independent.  We hope to help make a difference.

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