ONE PAIR OF SHOES Pictures is an independent media production company based in Brooklyn, NY.

OPoS is dedicated to the development of insightful and engaging media. The company promotes inspired, purposed, dedicated contributions to filmmaking and the arts. We draw audiences with entertaining works that speak to our emotions, our intellect and our era.






Social networking technologies are changing the way we socialize, communicate and promote. But can they help combat HIV in Africa?
A revolutionary new program aims to suppress the HIV epidemic by generating an epidemic of HIV testing through peer referral incentives in social networks.






A tragic comedy that delights in the pure absurdity of the human experience








Evey is an opinionated college student with a firm and active ideology. When she and her family are affected by a brutal murder she faces a challenge to her stalwart position on capital punishment. Amidst her struggle to find peace beyond her grief, understanding within violence and entropy, she flounders between revenge and forgiveness.






The River Grand is a fast-paced and light-hearted comedy that scrutinizes and treasures the human spirit and what drives man’s ambition.











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