ONE PAIR OF SHOES (OPoS) is an independent production company dedicated to the development of insightful and engaging media. The company promotes inspired, purposed, dedicated contributions to filmmaking and the arts. We draw audiences with entertaining works that speak to our emotions, intellect and our era.

In 2011, OPoS was founded to harness visual media’s potential to affect positive social and cultural change by viscerally connecting to its audience through an immersive sensory experience. When a story engages our eyes and ears, our passion and reason, we become participants in it.  Through this experience we can develop a new awareness or simply generate a connected, collective experience of our communities and our world.  This can be the catalyst for our collective movement toward positive cultural shifts. OPoS aims to cultivate this potential in its works.

 ONE PAIR OF SHOES has a rich profile of artists and professionals who support its projects.  The ONE PAIR OF SHOES team is poised to produce effective, marketable, engaging media.

MEISSA HAMPTON conceived One Pair of Shoes productions in 2009 when she began her work as a film producer.  After more than 10 years working as an actor, a writer and an avid supporter of film and the arts, she officially launched the company in October of 2011.


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