A Social Cure


       A SOCIAL CURE A Feature Documentary Film

Can you and your friends slow the spread of a devastating Global Disease? (and promote other positive behaviors?)

We’ve become aware of how we can use technology to expand our social networks and self-promote, publicize, even defame….but are there better ways to use our hyper-connected, network-oriented relations?

A Social Cure explores our ability to affect change through our own personal relationships. Our target: a hostile epidemic that’s victimizing minority populations across the globe.

A UNAIDS Global report estimated that 22.5 million citizens of Sub-Saharan Africa are living with HIV.  That figure includes an estimated 5.6 million people living with HIV in South Africa alone – approximately 17% of the country’s adult population. It remains the largest epidemic in the world.  The Social Cure journeys to the epicenter of this virus where, in the townships of Cape Town and Johannesburg, we discover not only individuals that are profound examples of the reality of living with HIV, but also the power of their personal connections to build resilience and create positive social change to fight the epidemic.

How powerful is this human desire to connect? South Africa boasts 100% cell phone penetration. We explore a new innovative program that is harnessing the power of mobile technologies together with the emerging science of social influence to encourage HIV testing through peer networks.

We personalize this story through our heroes — powerful community leaders and influencers who share their experience of living with and combating the disease in their communities, their lives and their homes. We experience their journey of anxiety and uncertainty about their own HIV status, their fear of testing, and their terrifying and courageous experience of living with and combating HIV.

A Social Cure raises audience awareness of a global pandemic and the most recent innovations that move us toward an HIV-free future.  This future depends on increasing the rate of HIV testing and treating those infected with Anti-Retro-Viral medication.

Some testing campaigns successfully increase HIV testing… for a time. ‘SC’ explores how we can weave the behavior of regular, repeated testing into a community’s social fabric. ‘aSC’ documents and raises awareness of the profound effect of trusted peer networks to effectively change behaviors and the power of the individual to affect change.

A Social Cure empowers audiences to affect change within their communities by unveiling the potential of the networking technologies they use every day. This film documents real people unlocking the transformative potential of the networking technologies they use every day, inspiring the audience to participate in such change. We now know that encouraging regular testing and ARV treatment CAN create a future that is finally free of HIV. ‘aSC’ intends to help realize that future.

What other positive behaviors can we influence?

How can you and your friends change your communities; your world?

A SOCIAL CURE explores how we can affect one another to contribute to a better, safer, healthier planet and offers a community of robust, buoyant, productive and self-sustaining members as an example of the profound and unlimited potential of a Social Cure.


**This film will be used to promote the program’s success for use in other affected nations.  Viewed across the globe, this film hopes to inspire individuals to use their social networking capabilities to influence positive behavior and affect a positive global movement.



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